Make Forms Easy with JotForm

I've just started using Jotform to create enrolment forms - so easy! I started out with absolutely no experience with creating forms, or even knowledge of the site, and within 20 minutes had a functional enrolment and very professional looking form up and running. A little extra time to 'tweak' it, and it looks great! I would absolutely recommend JotForm! Follow this link to try it out for yourself....

"Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2" Animal Morphs in Watercolour Pencil

Talia's 'Candy Swane'
Inspired by the soon to be released Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, we've stretched our imaginations to morph our favourite foods with animals to create altogether new creatures.

The imagination of my students is always a delight and an inspiration! Well done everyone!

Rock Pool Collages

Talia D
Living on the coast, all the kids are familiar with rock pools, and the fun of peering into the nooks and crannies to look for the creatures that might live there. Of course you have to be a bit careful about touching unfamiliar creatures as there are a few that can be dangerous (even deadly!), like the blue ringed octopus and the cone fish. Although you don't see these often around our area, the kids are still all very aware of the possible dangers! A safe and fun alternative is the rock pool display at Underwater World, where the assistants will help you to pick up and touch many of the animals safely :)

Our rock pools are created with brown paper rocks (with sponged paint for texture) and a variety of rock-pool creatures drawn with black marker on polka dot stickers, cut out and collaged in layers onto coloured paper.

Cool Clay Snowmen for a Hot Aussie Christmas!

Olivia D.W.

It may be hot and humid, and the summer storms are kicking in each afternoon, but it's only 5 weeks until Christmas, and it's lovely to dream! If we can't have a White Christmas and build real snowmen, then building them from clay has got to be the next best thing!

We've built our clay snowman sculptures using a basic pinch-pot base and added lovely scarves, hats of various descriptions, and of course long carroty noses.

Everyone must have been paying attention because all of the hats and noses stayed on! Loads of fun, and they turned out beautifully.

Scratch - Art Action Animals

Toby E

Hannah Y

Scratch-Art Action Animals - We loved this!! Although some of the kids had doubts when it came to covering their entire picture with black oil pastel, it was a real 'wow!' moment as we scratched it away to reveal the picture beneath!

'Action Animals' are drawn with thick black marker on 120gsm paper, using large flat shapes and little or no detail. Then the entire page is coloured heavily with crayon or oil pastel, taking care to leave no white areas, and using light bright colours that contrast well with the black. I also encourage students to use multiple colours in each flat area. Then a coat of solid black goes over everything.
The black is scratched away, revealing the colours and line drawing beneath.

Adapted from this lesson at Art Projects for Kids :)

Amazing Idea Machines Inspired by Souther Salazar

Abbey's Idea Machine

Talia's Idea Machine

For me, the best thing about blogging is the ideas so generously shared. I found this Souther Salazar inspired idea at shine brite zamorano...

We watched this time-lapse Youtube video of the artist creating his installation 'Alejandro's Idea Machine'. It finishes with a pan around some of the marvellous detail in the piece.

We also looked at some of his drawings, again noting the detail and free-flowing line work, before completing our own Idea Machine drawings using black marker and white chinagraph pencil on coloured paper.

Souther Salazar: Alejandro and the Idea Machine

Coral Reef Fish ~ Version 2

Here's another version of our Great Barrier Reef pictures inspired by Sandra Silberzweig. This time we used fluoro oil pastels and fluoro paints to create a water-colour resist coral reef background. We finished with fish cut from black paper, cutting out shapes inside the fish to allow the background colour and pattern to show through.

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