Collections, or Hello Spain and Portugal!!

Sapa - Vietnam
I'm not really a conscious collector - my collections just seem to evolve slowly over time. I get something here and there - and when I turn around I find it's morphed into a collection!

When I was in Vietnam a few years ago, I saw some gorgeous miniature dolls in Sapa - tourist stuff, but cute and decorated with (I like to think) local fabrics. I thought they'd make nice Christmas tree decorations, and they were less than 50c each (I could have gotten them much cheaper, but I can't bring myself to bargain when the starting price is so ludicrously cheap, and the seller so obviously needs to make a sale!) so I bought half a dozen. Then in Hue I found some blue and white china eggs, in Cambodia a little stuffed elephant from a shop supporting people with disabilities.... and a collection was born!

Now wherever we travel, a Christmas Tree decoration is always on the list! (That and ducks, but that's another story :)) Decorating the tree has taken on a whole new meaning, as we can't help but remember where each one was purchased....

Here are just few of our favourite Christmasy keepsakes ....

Beading from  Borneo

Hand made angels from Malacca

Made by people with disabilities - Phnom Penh

Palm leaves from Siem Reap - Cambodia

Cloisonne from Singapore & Hong Kong

Papier Mache from Varkala - Kerala, India

So tomorrow we are off to Portugal and Spain! SO EXCITED!! I've been avidly following a few excellent of blogs by some Portuguese and Spanish art teachers - I just love the festivals and celebrations they seem to have in such abundance (or so it seems to me, coming from a relatively young country that has very few festivals, and nothing on the scale of these!) They are such a marvelous source of artistic inspiration.

I know it is possible to post from your phone, and while I do have a smart phone I'm just not that tech-savvy yet! So while I'd love to regularly update with pics from the Prado in Madrid, the Dali Museum in Figueres, or Park Guell in Barcelona (I can't believe we will be there in just a couple of days!!) I'm afraid it's not going to happen!
Maybe on the next trip :)

My very good friend Lee will be teaching my classes while I'm away. I know I'm leaving my kids in the best of hands!

So you won't be hearing from me for a couple of months...... If I find something lovely to add to my collection I'll share on my return!


  1. I envy your ability to travel to so many varied places! Thanks for sharing some of your treasures. Can't wait to see what you discover this time. Have a great trip!

  2. Hello, you have a present in my blog

    Thank you

  3. When you return from your trip great, please read my pad where you have a gift to end the year with friendship and joy. Hope you're enjoying the most. A big hug and see you soon.

  4. Christmas ornaments are my favorite travel purchase too. We have so many that we have to have several themed trees each year now!


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