Mysterious Mansions in Silhouette

We drew our mansions with black permanent marker on paper spritzed with watercolour. We used basic shapes (squares and rectangles) for the body of the house, which many chose to bend and distort into interesting positions. Then we added different shaped roofs and other architectural features such as widow's walks, differently shaped windows, doors, verandahs and chimneys.

Although this is NOT a 'Halloween' picture, some of the children chose to include ghosts, bats and other 'spooky' images into their drawings.

The walls of our buildings were then coloured with solid black marker to create a silhouette, and we finished with yellow colour-stick in the windows for extra atmosphere and glow.

I love the contrast between the bright watercolour, detailed line drawing and the solid black of the silhouetted buildings. This project was heavily influenced by a great lesson I saw over at Mrs Picasso's Art Room - we had lots of fun with it :)


  1. Very fun! I really like the graphic quality. I do the same thing re: Halloween - "If you WANT to add some spooky things..." :)

  2. Love, Love, Love! Great way to combine architecture, line and imagination : )


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