Rock Pool Collages

Talia D
Living on the coast, all the kids are familiar with rock pools, and the fun of peering into the nooks and crannies to look for the creatures that might live there. Of course you have to be a bit careful about touching unfamiliar creatures as there are a few that can be dangerous (even deadly!), like the blue ringed octopus and the cone fish. Although you don't see these often around our area, the kids are still all very aware of the possible dangers! A safe and fun alternative is the rock pool display at Underwater World, where the assistants will help you to pick up and touch many of the animals safely :)

Our rock pools are created with brown paper rocks (with sponged paint for texture) and a variety of rock-pool creatures drawn with black marker on polka dot stickers, cut out and collaged in layers onto coloured paper.


  1. These are really cute - those little stickers have a big impact and set off the line drawing nicely!

  2. What a sweet lesson! I personally exploring love tide pools so these made me smile!

  3. Thanks Hope and Phyl, we had a lot of fun with these... I did the first couple of lessons with the kids making different coloured fingerprints, which worked beautifully, and added another layer to the project, but I just couldn't fit it all into the time I had available. With no storage space I had to get it completed in one lesson. The stickers made an effective (and speedier) alternative :)


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