Scratch - Art Action Animals

Toby E

Hannah Y

Scratch-Art Action Animals - We loved this!! Although some of the kids had doubts when it came to covering their entire picture with black oil pastel, it was a real 'wow!' moment as we scratched it away to reveal the picture beneath!

'Action Animals' are drawn with thick black marker on 120gsm paper, using large flat shapes and little or no detail. Then the entire page is coloured heavily with crayon or oil pastel, taking care to leave no white areas, and using light bright colours that contrast well with the black. I also encourage students to use multiple colours in each flat area. Then a coat of solid black goes over everything.
The black is scratched away, revealing the colours and line drawing beneath.

Adapted from this lesson at Art Projects for Kids :)


  1. These are so stunning!! What did you use to scratch away the black? I love the sense of movement in them.

    1. Thanks Miss :) We actually used nails to scratch, but anything sharpish would do - an unbent paper clip works well too.


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